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Marketing&Sales Office:
Unit 8 - Third Floor - No.2 - Rahbar Street
Khorramshahr Avenue -Tehran - Iran
Tel : +98-21-88759604
Tel : +98-21-88759605
Fax :+98-21-88760798
Postal Code:1533863819
Email : info@zar-sab.com

Marketing&Sales Office:
Unit 4 - First Floor - No.2 - Rahbar Street
Khorramshahr Avenue -Tehran - Iran
Tel : +98-21-88500095
Fax :+98-21-88766399
Postal Code:1533863819
Email: sales@zar-sab.com

No.20 - Third Street
Kaveh Industrial City - Saveh
Tel : +98-86-42343311
Tel : +98-86-42343312
Fax :+98-86-42343313
Postal Code:3914173411

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