Zar-sab established in 1982 with the aim of producing high quality nonstick cookware for Domestic market and export , by meeting all local and international standards with best european raw Materials such as  P.T.F.E. backlite  powder , powder paint ,etc....
Beside the nonstick cooking plant  ,  for  the  ease of production we have some other shops as follow:
1.Tooling shop: to manufacture special machines ,  dies and most of the toolings along with major Repairs. such as : electronics , electric , hydrolics and mechanical
2.Phenolic molding shop: making most of the reqired handles and knobs for the cookwares.

3.Design and photography : designing the products as well as brochures , catalogues , boxes etc....

4.Packaging shop : to produce all of the packaging requirements such as colorful boxes and labels master cartons etc...

5.Along with the production we also have a very strong marketing , sales and distribution department with

over 1500 , customers and 8 offices through the country. promoting zar-sab products and some other relevant imported house hold applinces.
6.Our after sales and servic department is always available to serve the customers for eny complains.

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Over 38 Years experience in producing high quality cookware


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